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“Of Dreams & Thorns: a Novel”

Praise for “Of Dreams & Thorns”:

"Salazar does an excellent job of depicting Ramiro’s transitions, particularly during his time in Chicago as a young man; a scene of his first visit to a supermarket is particularly vivid. The book also effectively shows the commonalities and the subtle differences between Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. On the whole, the writing is strong. . . . 
An often richly drawn portrait of immigration, acculturation, and family loyalty."

 _ Kirkus Review

“His life journey touches on a wide range of delicate issues, from the flaws and drawbacks of a patriarchal society to the multifaceted implications of immigration. . . . The author does a great job in portraying Ramiro’s fear and confusion in the big city. The language barrier makes him feel like a deaf-mute, helpless and invisible to the engulfing Gringo crowds. . . . The author’s greatest achievement is his talent to stir one emotion after another in a bewildered reader who does not know what to feel or expect next. . . .  I recommend the book to all those interested in reading a troublesome immigrant tale of hardships, love, and survival.”

__ Official Review,