J.C. Salazar's Poetry

I have been writing poetry for over thirty years. Although I have never enjoyed performing in public, I have done so in occasion. As I am now embarking in a more public phase of my writing, I will be sharing more and more of my poems, possibly even in public performance.

My collection of poems includes largely a struggle with identity and the duality of being both Mexican and American; and sometimes being neither, sometimes being much more. I also explore the dimensions of truth, beauty, and human harmony, love, and peace.

My poetry collection will be published in a few months.

Here's a sample of my work, a poem written on the day of Selena's death. Appropriate, as today is the anniversary of her passing:

Requiem to Selena

(On the occasion of the death of Tejano music star Selena)


“The queen,” they call you,

Or “the Princess!”

Tejano royalty.

Your throne a complete stage,

Your scepters microphones,

Your scroll a dancing song,

Your edicts love and joy.


Brown womanhood star, you;

Prime femme, adored fatale.

What fatal kiss

The Cosmos you could not deny?

How swiftly did eternity

Recognize your worth

To seed new happy galaxy.


One star was pitiable inept

To bear the name Selena,

I suppose. A galaxy alone,

Some million stars,

Could satisfy the fire in your light.


But wretched Fate,

The cousin of Eternity,

Should have intervened

On our behalf.

Why give a hungry babe

A teat for a brief moment

Only to snatch it quick away?


The earthbound, lost and feeble,

Mourn aloud our loss,

Like so many dogs

Howling at the moon

Inconsolable, deep,

And Haunting wails.


They make this Lenten beauty

Brighter with a million lights

In noonday highways for your glory;

And equal glow surrounds

Their yellow bands of silk

About their humble cars

As they sojourn and pray

For your new Journey.


Your beaten, faithful subjects

Care not for Nature’s plan,

“There are so many other queens,

Of peoples who have many.

Why take the only one we have?”



Lovely angel-siren

Of turgid Tejano waves;

Brown royalty, our queen;

The firmament’s new glow,

Envoy your new celestial powers

And make our salty sorrow