Knock Knock

Knock Knock


Death is knocking on my door, 

I feel her near.


Death never gives up her quest;

She’s been pursuing me for years.


Cancer is her calling card, 

This time cancer is the card.

But I’ve said goodbye to friends before,

And I didn’t go.

Friends I thought I’d leave left me.

The card is not always true.

The greed of death grows many tentacles

Of many varied lengths.

Sometimes she knocks only to retract 

And stroll away.

Sometimes I buy a better lock, a better door

And kick death out in the cold.


Death is knocking louder now,

So I’m online, comparing doors,

The latest locks, electronic alarms, technology;

The newest light beams, lasers, that blast

Its clumsy, slobbering mouth from planting

That eternal kiss on me.

The bank, big pharma, and my government

Play both sides of the tug.

They tell me they’re my shields, 

As they wink at her.


Death knocks.

Death knocks for me.


I dare not seek refuge in bosoms 

Of troubled loved ones,

For death is a greedy suitor. 

No company allowed.

Her call is just for us.

Her limousine is plush and cavernous,

Only for her and me.


Knock. knock!


I lock the door.